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Do you ever struggle with the difference between being an employee and a contractor? Trust me, you aren't alone! So many new Virtual Assistants struggle with the exact same thing! 

This episode explains the differences, and gives you tips and strategies to overcome the employee mindset.

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Welcome to episode 010 of the Scale That VA Biz podcast! Thanks for joining me. Most new Virtual Assistants don’t think about the importance of time management as a VA, and time management becomes crucial once you have multiple clients!

This episode walks you through how to manage your time as a VA for multiple clients to avoid stress and overwhelm.

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Welcome to Episode 009: Nailing the Discovery Call. One of the major pain points of new VA’s is the Discovery process with potential new clients. How do I schedule it, what do I say, what will they ask? Just reading those questions may incite anxiety within you.

Have no fear, this episode is here to walk you through the Discovery Call and more!

So grab a cup of coffee, or wine (whatever you’re drinking based on when you’re tuning in), and let’s get to work!

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